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Q. What is EasyNote?TOP

A: EasyNote is a web-based quiz and survey application that can be used by anyone, anywhere. It is free to use; the only stipulation is that you not use this service to promote any form of hatred or racism.

Q. Who can use EasyNote?TOP

A: Anybody! Anyone who wants to set up a quiz or survey can use this free service. As a quiz/survey master, you will need to sign up to create an account. After signed up, you then create your quiz/survey, or view results, etc.

Q. I am a teacher and I want to set up a quiz for my students. How can I do this?TOP

A: You will need to sign up as quiz master. Log in as a quiz master, and follow the instructions to set up your quiz, questions, and answer options for each question. Then set the quiz as “non-anonymous.” Give your students the quiz code that you have created for the quiz. Your students will need to sign up and log in to take the quiz. After the quiz is completed by all your students, you will be able to view their quiz results.

Q. Can I set up a quiz that may only be taken within a certain time frame?TOP

A: Yes. You can specify your quiz’s start and end date.

Q. Can I set up a quiz that can only be taken from designated computers? (i.e., I don't want my student to take the quiz from home; I want them to take it where I can watch.)TOP

A: Yes. You can specify if you want to allow your users to take the quiz/survey from anywhere or only from certain computers.

Q. I am a marketing manager of my company and I want to know users’ feedback for our product(s). Can I set up an anonymous survey with EasyNote and allow anyone in the world to take the survey?TOP

A: Yes. After you sign up and have been given a quiz/survey master’s privileges, you will easily be able to set up the anonymous survey. After the survey, you will be able to view the results and will be able to see how many people have answered each question.

Q. We are from a non-profit organization and want to know our members’ feedback for the services we provide. Can we use EasyNote to set up an anonymous survey and ask our members to take it?TOP

A: Yes. If you are the survey master, sign up for an EasyNote account and ask for a survey master's privileges. Set up the survey by following the instructions. Click the "Get Survey URL" button on the survey set-up page. Copy the URL for the survey, and paste it into the email that you are sending to your members. Your members will then be able to click on the URL and go directly to the survey.

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